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El comp is a leading company in Poland, specializing in the production of medical devices and aids. The company has been established in 1992 in Elblag and since then gradually expanding it's activity. The company distributes its products to pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies in Poland and abroad. It specializes in retail and wholesale. The main branch of development of the company is the production and sale of products that may be helpful for maintaining good health.

Sterile and non sterile Urine and Faeces Container– improved with the label on wich the patient can easily put your personal date. Ideal for laboratory use.

Pillboxes for daily and weekly use
The catridges for dosing of pills apply for mitigating the course of illness connected with prospectively memory disorders. They alleviate the course of senility and such diseases as Alzheimers disease and Parkinson's disease. They are intendend for patients who have to take medicines independently by marking times of days on the right compartment. These allow patients to keep consequential their drug therapy and reduce the risk of forgetting the indicated drug at the certain time or mistake with another drugs.

Pill crusher
Pill crusher with medication container allows taking medications in the form of crushed pills according doctors indications. Intended for people with impeded swallowing possibilities. Crushing pills allows dosing of drugs for the patient with gastronomy nutrition by PEG. In the designated container you can store the pills, so that the patient keep consequential his drug therapy and reduce the risk of forgetting the indicated drug at the certain time or a mistake with another drugs.

Pill cutter
It allows taking pills in half or partial dose acording doctors indications. The cut pills can be stored in a cutter in a dedicated compartment, so that the patients with a tendency to forget of their plans and intentions, for example with Alzheimers disease, could take the medicines independently. It protects against the use of improper doses of drugs.

Tongue polisher with dental floss handle
An oral hygiene device designed to clean the coating on the upper surface of the tongue with special and very practical dental floss handle at the end of the cleaner.

Twisting press for pastes and creams in tubes
It facilitates a trough pressing the whole content of a tube out ( they often contain very expensive creams). Its aesthetic image may decorate each cosmetics shelf. It may be also used in food industry.

Isothermal bags dor insulin and vaccines
Our products have gained patient‘s recognition and they are offered in pharmacies and medical stores across the country.
El – comp company also proposes placing print advertising for their products. Orders are executed individually based on preferences and tastes of the client. The employer has the opportunity to choose the color of the purchased product.


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